7 steps to make the Law of Attraction work for you

Have you ever noticed that when you are positive and excited about life, more and more good things keep happening to you? And when you are negative, every bad moment is followed by even worse ones… like a downward spiral towards the deep dooming darkness.

Have you noticed something reappearing into your life after you have been very passionate or you have talked about something a lot? For example, when you suddenly want to travel to Australia, you start to see Australia everywhere.


 ∾ The Law of Attraction ∾


The Law of Attraction describes the idea that thoughts turn into things. This may sound simple, but bear with me. We have the ability to attract into our life whatever we are focusing on. The Law of Attraction made me realize that we have so muuuuch more potential than what we think we do. And not many people are aware of this, or how much it can benefit their lives. It can be used to attract love, health, money… basically anything.

So, how can you successfully use the Law of Attraction?


1) Visualize what you desire


Visualize yourself as already having or being what you desire. Make a very detailed image in your mind (the more detailed, the better). What do you feel? What do you look like? What do you see? What do you smell? What people are around you? You can even make a Law of Attraction diary, and write down everything that you want to manifest. You can bullet point what you desire in different categories, or maybe you prefer to write a story about your future.

One important thing is to tell yourself that, in the future, you already have what you desire. Then, what you have to do is to take the correct steps that lead you to that place in the future.


2) Believe it


When you visualize it, you have to believe that you are able to achieve it. If you are visualizing all the details, but deep down you are like “ugh, how is the mere act of visualizing going to help? I don’t think this will work”, then, it is likely that it won’t work.

You have to feel it. Feel excited. Just how you feel when you are excited about something that you know is going to happen. For example, if you are going on a trip, the moment where you are lying on your bed and fantasizing about that trip the night before, you feel excited because you are certain that the trip is going to happen. It is the same with the Law of Attraction: you have to know it is going to happen. And feel excited about it going to happen.


3) Let go of negativity and lack


This is similar to visualizing what you desire but not actually believing it. For example, if you tell the world:

I want to travel”

Here, you are actually giving out a feeling of lack. The word “want” refers to something that you currently don’t have. This is the same with words like “I wish”. And this will likely happen to you naturally. It often happens automatically. You have to be conscious and aware when it happens. Let go that negativity and replace it with something positive, like:

I will travel”

Focus. Relax. Take your time.


4) Act (as if you already have it)


What would you be doing if you had it already? What parts of your life would change? How would you be feeling? What would your energy be like? Fake it until you make it! Make sure it is something you have strong enthusiasm for. If you act as if you have it, you are increasing your vibration, which will help you attract what you desire.

Ask yourself: Is what I am doing today leading me closer to my goal? You have to take baby-steps every day. Work hard. And be self-driven.


5) Be grateful


Be grateful with everything that you have achieved already… because gratitude changes everything. Being grateful brings you positive feelings, happiness, and satisfaction. It makes you realize many things that you have manifested already. This will raise your vibration, increase your mental strength, and motivation to keep going.

Being grateful doesn’t only include ‘big’ achievements. It also includes the simple pleasures and ‘smallest’ things we normally take for granted. Feel grateful for music, for your home, for your relationships, for your hands, legs, eyes, thumbs… We usually take many things for granted and, we shouldn’t! Because there is always something to be grateful for. This will shift your focus from lack to abundance.

Being grateful is literally like entering a magical world where you live life as if everything were a miracle… because it actually is!



6) Be patient and trust


Always remember, everything you manifest will come in divine timing. Some things are meant to happen after some days, and some may happen after some years.

But don’t seek or obsess with what you asked for, because this would reflect the idea that you don’t have it. You have to trust that it is coming. There is no rush. Whenever it happens, it is the best time for it to happen.


7) Adapt


Yes, you have to follow the steps that lead you closer to your goal. But, you also have to be open for new paths or new opportunities. If something that you didn’t want to happen occurs, let it be. Let it go. If you only expect one path, it may close you doors which may have led  you to experiencing things that were beyond your wildest dreams. Who knows… maybe the best path is some way you haven’t thought about yet.

So, have clear goals, but at the same time let go of expectations. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Even if something that seems to be getting you off track happens. Start to see unexpected events as challenges and opportunities for growth rather than something bad. Like this, you become stronger and more connected to yourself.


Thoughts become things.

Now, happy manifesting! Let me know in the comments which steps you do regularly, I would LOVE to read about it!



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