Hi, I’m Amaia. At 13, I silenced my inner voice so that I could more easily hear those of others. Instead of pushing what was inside of me to the outside, I allowed external sources to build walls around me. The more. I silenced myself, the more insecure and lost I became. At 16, I thought I was not enough. I admired other’s extroverted nature and their capability to be ‘themselves’. I looked at myself in the mirror aching to be in another body. I hid my feelings, concealed my dreams, unconsciously molded my behaviour according to people’s labels and expectations of me, thinking that would bring me closer to ‘success’. At 18, I left home to study Psychology. I was conditioned to want to meet people’s expectations, so that is what I kept doing. But, spending more time alone allowed me to do more introspection. I started to slowly force myself into situations that I feared. Still, I was lost. At 19, I came across the opportunity to fly to the other side of the world. I was told I would not be able to manage, but I chose to listen to the voice that told me to work hard for it. I ached to land in a place where no one knew my name. To forget all I had been told about myself, all I had told to myself, and go beyond that sense of a restricted self. At 20, I did it. I flew to Australia on my own. Labels melted into the ground. Expectations broke into tiny pieces. I started to rebuild myself out of those broken pieces and found love in every single one of them. At 21, I went solo traveling to further deepen the connection to myself. To further heal emotional baggage. I knew I had grown out of my mess. And I also knew I was still lost. I realised we all are, to some extent. And I learned to see the beauty in it. Instead of being lost following the crowd, I chose to be lost in my own way.