Bondi to Maroubra coastal walk

RECOMMENDED. Literally, it was the first thing I did after arriving to Sydney. Walking through golden shores and turquoise waters as the wind and sunshine kiss your face. It is crazy that such a beautiful view can be found next to one of the biggest cities. It is also crazy the contrast of some people wearing shorts and T-shirts with others wearing long pants and winter jackets (I literally never know what to wear).

Here, actually, we started from Gordon’s bay (a little bit later than Bondi beach) and finished at Maroubra beach.


Gordon’s Bay


Gordon’s bay is a little turquoise-watered beach next to Coogee beach, which can only be accessed via the coastal walkway. I really liked this one, it is somewhere you can go and just sit near the shore or on the rocks whenever you need to zone out. The problems you keep replaying in your mind will soon be replaced by the sound of ocean waves.


Gordons bay


Coogee Beach


Coogee beach is smaller and less populated than the famous Bondi beach. There’s a green park called Goldstein reserve and some cliffs with breathtaking views. (Note: amazing to see a sunset here, especially if there are some clouds). Also, right in the middle, Coogee Bay Road has many restaurants, bars, places to snack on, and accommodation. It has it everything!




We expected the walk from Coogee to Maroubra to be shorter than it actually was. But it was insanely beautiful and totally worth it. It was also probably longer since we stopped every 5 minutes to take a picture to literally everything. Oh, and we made a new cute little friend:



And, we saw a whale (maybe)! It is currently the annual migration of whales from Antartica to Queensland, so Sydney is a great spot to see them hehe.


Golden shores between Coogee and Maroubra


Maroubra Beach


Maroubra beach is the less populated beach and it is very surfer-friendly! We were quite hungry when we arrived here so we bought a burrito and we ate it on the beach while contemplating the gorgeously-gorgeous views and several seagulls started to surround us praying for food (there was only an angry one at the beginning and then it went away and returned with 10 little friends to attack us).



I have more pictures from Maroubra beach in my last post here. This is the first beach I visited and by far my favourite!

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