Minimalism continued – airport story time!

Here comes the power of minimalism once again. Once, only once in all of my travel journeys, I carried a light suitcase with extra space. That time, my friends, was the best travel journey of my life. I am not exaggerating.


Packing the last two years of my life in Glasgow


So I had to pack everything I owned, and leave the room with zero stuff for another girl to take over my room during my year abroad. I felt super thrilled and proud at myself after managing to fit everything in two large suitcases and two little ones.

I carried one large and one little suitcase back to Spain. But, I did not have a weighing scale to check if it was 20kg, so I just kind of ignored weight issues and kept cramming stuff in. I… um, just wanted to carry to Spain as much as possible.


… Oopsy doopsy


Having arrived to the airport, I went to check in my large suitcase. It turned out to be a bit more over 6kg of the weight allowed. I opened the suitcase and used a bag that was inside it to fit some clothes and books until the suitcase was around 20kg (thank god I placed that bag there). And that was alright! I managed and checked it in.

So, one less problem, yay! BUT one problem could not leave without creating another one: Now I had a little suitcase AND a bag. Easyjet only allows passengers to have only one of them. I had this on my mind as I was taking stuff out of the big suitcase, but I was like “oh well, whatever, I will think about that later.”

In Edinburgh Airport they have been pretty strict with the rule of only carrying one bag or one suitcase. So… I decided to go inside a bathroom, and… haha yeah, you guessed it. I started emptying the bag. And wore the clothes.

Layers and layers.

Like an onion.

A walking onion.

My body felt pounding warm already after carrying all the weight of the suitcases, and I was making myself wear more clothes. Suffocating. Oh, and I had two coats too (because I thought I could manage carrying them since I did not expect the big suitcase to have that much weight).


Just picture this:


I ended up wearing two T-shirts, two jumpers, two trousers, and two coats. I (still don’t know how) managed to fit the rest, plus some books and the bag in the small suitcase. And I carried two jumpers and a Tupperware on my hand. I wish I could show you a picture of this… just hilarious.

It looked crazy.

Felt boiling.

BUT HEY! With patience and by staying calm, I managed to get in without being stopped. Once inside, I got the bag out of the suitcase and crammed all the stuff back in. Aaah! I cannot put into words how amazing it felt to finally sit down on the airplane seat and just draw some sketches and scribble some thoughts on the diary.


Moral of the story:

Bring less stuff with you

Weigh your suitcases

(Note: while packing your stuff, it is not good to ignore weight limits and cram stuff in if you don’t have a weighing scale. Only do so if you are amazingly awesome at estimating weight. Definitely not my case).


And if something similar happens:

Laugh at yourself

Stay calm

Learn from the valuable experience 

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