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“I need to carry this jumper, just in case. Oh, and these boots. And this other jumper! Oh, and I may need trainers too? Lets get them”. Until my suitcase was at the border of exploding out of all the “just in case”.

My experiences have led me to embrace minimalism and it is one of the best things I have done. Really. Believe me. I have increased the quality of my traveling.

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Story time!

My overwhelming experience when I first moved to Glasgow


When I moved to Glasgow two years ago, my mother came to help me settle into my new place. We literally carried three big suitcases and two small ones. But, oh my god, whenever I picture the image of us two carrying so many suitcases I just end up wondering how we did it. Two people do not even have enough hands to carry five suitcases! Mind-blowing.


At the beginning, I was glad I had so much stuff.


Like: ”Yay I am not going to miss anything, because I have everything! And I will not need to buy stuff! Yay!” And to be fair I also carried kitchenware, which was quite useful. But still. I mean, yeah, it is good that I did not need to buy stuff. The problem was that I had unnecessary stuff.

At the beginning, I did not realise this. I did not even know what was what I needed. Plus, I was going to live at student accommodation, which included a mini rectangle room. Most stuff I had ended up just lying somewhere, occupying space, and making my room seem even smaller than what it was.


As the year went on I found myself kind of drowning in my chaos


It was hard for me to keep a place for everything, and everything was in my way. I did not even have a place for my five suitcases to rest. But it wasn’t until I had to pack my stuff to move it to my new flat at the end of first year that I started to realise how overwhelmed I was.

But the worse thing is… I did not even use all that stuff. Not even half of it. I probably used stuff that could fit in two suitcases out of those five.

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Looking back makes me realise how much this experience changed me. I mean, yeah, it is okay to own stuff if you want to. But personally, especially while travelling, I have found that it is very limiting. It is so consuming to carry stuff that you do not need.

To Sydney I am going to carry one large and one small suitcase for the whole year. No more. Just the necessary stuff. The key is to find out what is that necessary stuff. I will write a blog about what I am carrying to Sydney, so stay tuned!


Carrying so little… it is freeing 

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