The Best Therapy? Beach Please!

The beach has the power to boost both your physical and mental health. How many times have you heard about people living near a beach and not really going, or only going in summer? Are you one of them? Well, here I am going to talk about how it can actually change your life.

People living near a beach tend to take them for granted and not all of them appreciate it enough. This is understandable, since it is always there! But actually, it is one of the best places to go, even if it is just a 10 minute walk. What? People don’t have enough time to go with you? No worries. Even if you go just by yourself.


De-stressor & mood booster


The sound produced by waves gently crashing along the shore reaches you and fills you up with peace. Your muscles relax as your worries and problems fall into the depths of the ocean.

Whenever I had a hard day and I had the opportunity to go to a beach, I have personally found myself feeling so much better after like, literally, just 5 minutes of contemplating my surroundings. Even better if you stay and see the sunset. Sunsets are just the bomb.



It removes you from your “bubble”


You exit your usual environment, which gives you the opportunity to step outside, be more aware of your feelings, and clear your mind. You can: either think through the day and see things with a different and more positive perspective, or just forget about everything and enjoy the present moment.



It makes you realise how insignificant your problems are


Being surrounded by all those soothing sounds and gorgeous imagery makes you realize how tiny you are in proportion to this planet. The idea that there is a lot more out there than the problems our minds tend to create really helps put things into perspective. In my opinion, this is beautiful and it frees me from pressure.



Walking barefoot


Is there any better feeling than ditching your shoes and just walking barefoot? Millions of tiny sand grains gently massaging and smoothing the soles of your feet, just before a refreshing flush of sea water engulfs them taking the tension into the depths of the ocean. Some may not enjoy this, but I love it when there are some little stones near the shore to get that feet massaging to another level (but be careful with the pointy ones).





Swimming is amazing for the heart and physical health, working many muscles. A lot of times I am swimming in the sea I just lie on the water and look at the sky. Then I close my eyes and just think about how much I have missed the sea and the feeling of freedom it transmits. Just the act of floating around, daydreaming, and being surrounded by peace (until a wave slaps my face and wakes me up). Plus, ocean water is super duper healthy and has been proven to help rid the body of toxins.



Don’t you just feel more relaxed just by seeing beach pictures? Even if it is not the beach, just going out to nature can have tremendous benefits. I just focused this post on the beach because I loooove the beach. I know that not everyone has access to it, and neither did I in Madrid or Glasgow. But I found that even going out for a walk in a park during half an hour can change your day.

Grab some friends, or just grab yourself. Just a little break. Now go out and take care of yourself. Today, and every single day, no matter how overwhelmed you feel with all the stuff you have to do. This will help you lower that excess stress that is making it so hard to concentrate and move forward.

Take care of yourself 


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