Traveling with less but staying classy

One part of you wants to carry the whole closet but the other part wants to carry the smallest suitcase possible. We’ve all been there… right?

Here I write about some little tips I have been using lately for my year in Sydney!




1) Carry basics and essentials

2) Choose your clothes wisely (similar style) so you can make nice combinations between them

 3) Carry clothes you can wear during different times of the year (keep reading for an example about this)

4) Choose clothing you can play around with and wear on multiple ways (again, keep reading for an example)

5) AND if you want to spice things up, accessories such as sunglasses and jewelry occupy little space and they can make a “boring” outfit look 17252738 times more classy.





One of my favourite outfits


1) Oversized white shirts. This is an essential for me. I find them comfortable, versatile, and of course super classy. This is what I was writing about before: you can wear them during summer since they are thin, and also during winter with a cute jumper over it. Plus, you can wear them all buttoned up and also unbuttoned with a nice basic T-shirt.

2) High waisted shorts. During summer, I kind of wear them 24/7. For traveling, they are very useful since you can combine them with mostly anything. Aaah, I colud never get tired of denim shorts. 

3) Bomber kimono (or any type of jacket you like). Bomber jacket plus kimono at the same time? Yes please! The important thing here is to choose a colour that goes well with everything. Such as black, denim, or khaki. You can also play around the way you wear it: over the shoulders, around your waist, with a dress, and it is a perfect fall layering piece. Plus, bomber jackets can dress casual and also fancier outfits.

4) Bralettes. The “comfortableness” of a sports bra, and the “prettiness” of a fashion bra all together in one item. Ideal for traveling so you feel both comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.

5) Sunglasses to spice things up. As well as looking amazing, it is a pretty useful accessory. Especially if you are traveling somewhere tropical/”summery” (:

6) Converse, or any basic comfortable shoes. Again, I tend to choose basic colours such as white and black, which make them more versatile. It is a good idea to carry a white and a black pair of shoes in your suitcase!


⟡ ⟡ ⟡


Another thing I really love about this outfit is that you can dress it up by adding some basic heels if you have a special occasion, or dress it down by wearing converse or any type of comfortable shoes or trainers.

This means you have two outfits in one!


 Chilly Summer Days 


But, be careful!


Especially during “sales” season, it is often easy to buy stuff you don’t even need. Every time you are about to buy something, ask yourself:




If the answer is no, then you may actually not really need it. I have been doing this lately and it really works. It makes you think about it from another perspective.

To find out more about eliminating what is non-essential and finding out what truly matters, check out my Minimalism post. I also wrote my experiences about this topic here: Airport story and Minimalism & Traveling


Carrying less does not mean you cannot look classy.  



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