Two months in Sydney – top things I have learnt

After two months of being in this beautiful city, as well as traveling as much as I possibly can, I have experienced hardships. I am grateful for them since they have made me stronger, and these are three of the things I have learnt (I will do a list with more, maaaany more, so stay tuned!).

To control my emotions


Remember those times when you suddenly felt overwhelmed and all of your emotions just decide to appear all in one go? In the past, I struggled with this, and sometimes experiencing a toxic emotion ruined my whole day. Also, being surrounded by people all the time, I didn’t actually take the time to introspect into my emotions and look for their causation or solution.

Being by myself and having to deal with everything alone, I am every day a little bit better at controlling them. Whenever I feel anxiety, stress, sadness, fear… etc, I am aware of the emotion. I stop what I am doing. I stop thinking. And focus on feeling that emotion. Then, I focus on breathing. With one deep breath, I exhale the negative emotion away. And I think: why have I felt this way? what can I do to change it? I think about the idea that feeling too stressed or anxious won’t help me accomplish my goals, and be counterproductive instead.


Every time this happens to you, do not fight your emotions, or bottle them up. Just feel them, and let them go.

Then, choose to feel a little bit better. And exhale those bad vibes away.

Don’t let them ruin your day: never repress them. And give time to ask yourself how you feel every day.

(To let emotions go, you really have to concentrate on feeling them. It may be hard to focus on it at the beginning. But, once you practice it several times, it will come automatically).



To balance my life


I have always struggled with balance. Having a social life, studying, finding a job, traveling… etc. and getting a good sleep at the same time.

Ever since I arrived to Sydney, I have felt like my days should be of 40 hours instead of 24. At first, I wanted to do it everything (I mean I kinda still do). It was overwhelming not to be able to fit it all into my schedule.

Later, there was a time where I just prioritised traveling and socialising, and didn’t focus on uni work. Then, the mid-term exams arrived, and hit me. I realised how much work I needed to catch up on. So I forced myself to study and locked myself away during the weekend. This nearly drove me crazy… ohhh how badly I wanted to go do some exploring. If only I had balanced between them from the beginning!

I am still working on this, but what has helped me with balance is to plan ahead.

Make a list of goals for the week, or for the day. Find a good balance between work, and what you look forward to do. And do a bit of everything every day. When you are doing it, really focus and try to put 100% effort on it, whatever it is. And smash it!




To conquer my fears


This is a very important one.

Plunging into the unknown, and diving deep towards what scares you.

I have learnt this is what makes you grow, and experience things you would have never known you would be able to experience. It is also super addictive: once you start to follow and face your fears, you will start to crave it.

You will start to crave challenges. New dreams. New goals. Once you enter this endless ripple of growth, you won’t be able to come out. And this is amazingly beautiful.


So far, Sydney has been one of the amazing things that has ever happened to me. Endlessly grateful.

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